Thursday's Show: Staying Connected

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Gather 'Round Children

It's story time and Danny is reading an old favorite... Plus, Willie is bringing Farm Aid home, we find out just how many people are watching Tiger King, and tourists are causing problems in Hawaii.

Running Mate

With Bernie dropping out of the race, it's time for us to pick a (nonpolitical ) running mate for Joe Biden... Plus, a big story about Dr. Anthony Fauci, a wild story out of Florida involving whiskey (it's actually a good one), and a big announcement from Joel Osteen.

Shout Out!

We opened up the phones for shout outs to local businesses still up and running. Plus... and HR complaint has been filed against the family cat, drones have been enlisted to help with social distancing, and some good news for Deadheads.

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