Wednesday's Show: Time To Get Up

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Better Late Than Never

Danny was almost late to work, and he lives at work... Plus, there was some trouble at a food bank in Utah, some Pandas are trying to get in on the quarantine baby boom, and the world's biggest fish is also really, really old.

Makin' Money

Listeners call in with their stories of unconventional ways they made money as a kid... Plus, Jellybean's got the jokes, Danny dispenses advice in the way only he can, and one listener blows us away when he can't Remember The Roadway.

Playin' Dress Up

We discuss the best and worst costumes to wear around town. Plus... Japan just can't see to catch a break, neighbors in Brazil are doing something fun to come together while staying apart, and apparently Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a really good dude.

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