Friday's Show: Bear Hugs

It's Danny Darn It

Danny deals with being called Dan... Plus, Happy Days stars Don Most and Anson Williams have reunited, Home Box Office is transforming into Stay At Home Box Office, and at story that just might have you liking the New England Patriots (for now).

Stimulating Simulators

We discuss experiences we'd love to try in a simulator... Plus, Bezos is stepping up big time, amidst the shortages of household goods there is one item with a massive surplus, and we say goodbye to our Famous Floyds!

Watch And Play

Everybody loves games shows, and we are watching a lot more of them these days. Callers join the conversation about our favorites. Plus, a really nice local story to share with you, an unexpected story about Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the decades long run of the Cascade Flasher has come to an end (and it was not a happy ending).

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