Thursday's Show: Almost Friday

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Head & Shoulders Above

Danny discloses that all the times he's been spending indoors is really getting to his head... Plus, we announce that this weekend's world famous Block Party Weekend will be a big ol’ Block Party Potluck — virtual style, Robin Williams is back to offer you some entertainment while you're all cooped up, and the stats are rolling in about how much booze we are buying right now (spoiler alert: it's a bunch).

We're So Impulsive

Callers join in on our conversation about our stupid impulse buys... Plus, The Filthy Forecast is extra filthy, The Big News extra big, and we are blown away by our contestant on Famous Floyds!

Not Safe For Kids

We discuss things aimed at kids that just aren't right... Plus, KFC is aiming to spread some joy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you can take drum lessons from Queen's Roger Taylor, and people are going crazy for Let's Make A Deal.

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