Tuesday's Show: We Got This

Piece Of Cake

There is some baking going on in the Bonaduce household... Plus, Dolly Parton is doing something very cool, the DOL is moving operations completely online, and there is great news for fans of Girls Scout Cookies (which is basically everyone).

Pick Your Partner

Listeners share their picks of who they would love to play a game, sport or activity with... Plus, the WHO has an unexpected new suggestion on how to spend your time indoors, one man is in trouble for how he chose to enjoy the great outdoors, and an update from Tom Cruise and Top Gun.

Always Funny

We discuss the things that are guaranteed to always make us laugh... Plus, fraudsters are up to no good when it comes to government stimulus, an Indian man breaks a world record that is totally nuts, and Daryl from The Walking Dead is doing good in his community.

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