Wednesday's Show: In This Together

The Virtual Couch

Danny preps for a virtual appointment with his psychiatrist... Plus, everything is canceled or postponed except for Sammy Hagar's TV show, some really rotten crooks stole a boatload of n95 masks, and apparently Danny hates Pharrell.

Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

Listeners share stories of the new skills and hobbies they are picking up while in quarantine... Plus, Jellybean has a joke and some sound advice, The Life Coach dishes out some sound advice of his own, and somebody wins tickets to The Stadium Tour!

Playing Pretend

We talk about times we've pretended to be someone else, or someone has pretended to be us... Plus, car makers are changing gears, dumb criminals keep being dumb, and Dr. Phil has a scary prediction that we all pretty much agree with.

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