Wednesday's Show: Communication Breakdown

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Texting Mishaps

Danny tells us what happened with his texts meant for his wife, went to he ex-wife instead. Plus... we look at both sides of Pamela Anderson, The Mariners get some veteran help, the Girls Scouts are lining up outside the pot shows again, and we learn who actually let the dogs out.

Oops, Wrong Number

We've all done it, texted or emailed the wrong number by mistake.. Plus, Jellybean's got the jokes, Danny Bonaduce Life Coach is at your service, and we are finally starting to get the hang of our new game - What In The Same Hill?!?

Inventors Invent

Callers join in the conversation on our favorite inventions... Plus, we have fun with the word pianist, Bambi cozies up on the couch for a slice of pizza, and UPS delvers the funny.

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