Tuesday's Show: Stripes, Clowns and Colonel Sanders

Are You Questioning My Stripes?

Paul is back from Jury Duty!!! Plus Danny Is Sporting Some fun new kicks.In the News Sarah tells us all about a murder suspect who recently got caught, someone one a international science prize for testing the temperature of something a little strange and two people in Florida let their hormones take over in an inappropriate place. In music and entertainment we chat about the most expensive albums ever made, Ring Starr and Bruce Springsteen. Mariners, Sounders and Hockey all in sports!

Just Clowning Around

A New Zealand man had a meeting scheduled where he was being fired, so he brought a clown along for emotional support which is a pretty weird thing to bring to work! We end up discussing all the strange things we have seen people bring into work. We another exciting round of "What The Puck!?!" for Tickets to The Seattle Thunderbirds opening night at The Accesso ShoWare Center! Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day and Sarah Delivers another Filthy Forecast for your listening pleasure.

Colonel Sanders Is Making A Comeback

Sean Astin stars in the new KFC commercial as Colonel Sanders which is pretty fun, so we discuss commercials we would love to star in. In the News we chat about a local smoke shop that got caught selling things to underage kids, a strange animal that looks like a kitten and a pizza shaped like a large cheese it. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart and Alex Trebek. Plus Mariners, Sounders and Tequila all in Sports.

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