Badassary Involving Bikes and School: Today's Show

I Like To Ride My Bicycle

Danny has decided Sarah must be an huge liar why else would she "say" she rides her bike to work. Sarah informs us about something that seems like it has to be straight out of a movie, but it happened here in Seattle, a strange pair of twins and a news story out of Florida that has us all scratching our heads. In Music and Entertainment we discuss Nirvana, Jeopardy and Brad Paisley. In Sports Monday Night Football, Big Papi and The NBA all come up in the conversation.


Acts Of Badassary

89-year-old Sean Connery rode out the hurricane at his house in the Bahamas, which is pretty bad ass, so we discuss people we have seen recently in an act of badassary. We play the second installment of " I.D. The Initials!" for tickets to see TSO on November 24th at the Tacoma Dome! Danny tells us all about his Big News of The Day and Sarah delivers a Filthy Forecast.


School Daze

A school in Alabama is removing the doors from bathroom stalls to curb vaping which made all us reminisce a bit about our days in school some good and some bad memories come up! In the news we learn from Sarah that one pilot took one for the team while he was on vacation, something extra special is headed our way just in time for Thanksgiving and Vegas will never be the same! In Music and Entertainment we chat about new developments in the world of David Lee Roth, Green Day and Barbie. Plus Mariners, Monday night football and Fantasy Football all in Sports.



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