Today's Show: Bet You Pennies, Your Reputation Is Bananas

Things Have Gone Bananas

Danny sent a text meant for his wife to someone else yesterday, it could of ended in disaster, but good thing that person is a good sport :) In the news we learn from Sarah that Governor Jay Inslee has dropped out of one race and joined another, SOME local news that is COMPLETELY Banana( No really, it has to do with Bananas) and a story involving pee in Florida that you know can't end well. Music and Entertainment news touches base on Elton John, The Ramones and Lady & The Tramp. PLUS Mariners,XFL and Orioles in Sports.

Penny Lane

Paul McCartney makes his own guitar picks out of smashed pennies, even though we're pretty sure he can afford as many picks as he needs. Which kicks off a conversation about things we do to pinch our pennies aka save a little dough even if we don't need to. We play the game that is sweeping the nation "Brilliant Billys!" for tickets to see Billy Idol on August the 30th at the Washington State Fair! Danny tells us all about his Big News of The Day and Sarah gives us another spectacular performance with her Filthy Forecast.

You've Got Yourself A BIG Reputation

A new study is out with the Top 10 Most Reputable Retailers in the United States. So we chat about who or what we think is reputable. In the news Sarah informs us of someone who has the secret to old age, parts of the Titanic are disappearing and Halloween costume options are now available for almost all your pets! Megadeth, Thin Lizzy and Meatloaf all make it into the conversation in Music and Entertainment as well as Mariners, Los Angles Dodgers and The XFL in Sports.

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