Wait! Where Is Danny Bonaduce?!?

Where is Danny?

Danny decided he to skip work today because it's FREE SLURPEE Day at 7/11. No really Danny Bonaduce is out sick today but THE SHOW MUST GO ON! In the news Sarah informs us of 2 very sweet kids in Snohomish who did something pretty great, a recall on something very important and a very odd story out of Florida involving postcards. In Music and Entertainment we chat about David Bowie, Taylor Swift and Julio Iglesias. Plus Mariners, Huskies and Sounders all in Sports


Commitment is Scary

A swarm of earthquakes has been recorded near Mt. Hood, we all agreed that 'swarm' is a scary word which makes us ask, what words do you find scary! We play another excellent round of "The Queen Quiz!" Paul brings us The Big News of The Day and Sarah has one very blush worthy Filthy Forecast.


You Drive Me Crazy

A woman shot up the DMV because the line was too long so we discuss places that seem to drive us crazy. Sarah updates us on a crash that took place at Mighty-O Donuts, There is a new hat for sale in Russia that we may need to pick up for Paul and apparently Sarah wants to ride a bulldozer all in the news! In Music and Entertainment we chat about Bruce Springsteen, Elvis and Jessica Simpson. Mariners, Robot Umpires and Huskies in Sports.



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