It's Fascinating That I'm Addicted To Fancy New Panties: Thursdays Show!

New Fancy Panties

Danny has been a little obsessed with his underwear this week, especially now that he has fancy new ones. In the News Sarah updates us on the First Debate of the 2020 Election Cycle, some fun new info on Seafair's Blue Angels and a naked man making news from Florida! We chat about Alice Cooper, Dave Grohl and Julia Roberts in Music and Entertainment. In Sports we talk Mariners, Seahwaks and NHL.

Addicted to Addiction

Even NBA players are addicted to their cell phones and are checking them during halftime which kicks off a conversation about addictions we have that are legal everything from shoes to coffee! We play another round of "Don't Bring Me Down, Bruce!" for tickets to see Jeff Lynne's ELO at the Tacoma Dome June 28th. Danny gives us his Big News of The Day Plus another fabulous Filthy Forecast From Sarah!

You're Fascinating

Breakdancing is going to be an Olympic sport, we all said we’d totally watch it. Danny wants to try Capoeira, so we chat about activities that we find interesting. In the news Sarah updates us on a gross thing happening at Golden Gardens Park, Chick-Fil-A is winning a fun award and a very interesting version of yoga is being offered in Sarasota. In Music and Entertainment we talk about Metallica, P!ink and Big Bang Theory. Plus Mariners and other things with balls in sports!

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