Gizzards, Badly Behaved Parents And Oh So Much More On Todays Show!

Great Green Globs Of Crispy Greasy Gizzards

Danny is in a little trouble with his in-laws and it involves gizzards. In the News Sarah informs us of a closer of a local firehouse for a very strange reason, one GIANT Octopus and poor choices involving Pokemon Go in Florida. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Freddie Mercury, David Gilmour and The Television Show Good Omens. PLUS Mariners The Tampa Bay Rays and NBA Draft in Sports

Cover Me

There is an online petition that aims to get Keanu Reeves named as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year so we talk about all the people we thing should be Time Magazine's Person of The Year! We play the final installment of "Oye Como Va!" for tickets to see Santana and The Doobie Brothers June 29th at White River Amphitheater. Danny hooks us up with his Big News of The Day and we play an Epic version of Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been?

Parents Behaving Badly

A huge brawl broke out at an elementary school baseball game, between parents so we chat about all the times we have seen parents behaving badly! In the news we learn from Sarah of a sad closer happen here in Seattle soon, a very cool job everyone we know would want and of course the Friday Fun Fact! In Music and Entertainment we talk about Van Halen, Metallica and Riverdale. In Sports there is some fun Mariners info, NBA and other things involving balls. Plus since it's Friday we discuss new movies hitting theaters this weekend!!!

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