Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been? 6/14

There's a certain formerly Seattle-based company that's gotten in a bit of hot water of late, after two of their Renton-made products did the one thing they're absolutely not ever supposed to do. So the rest, which work perfectly well, have been prevented from doing what they're supposed to while the company's engineers and Federal Regulatory Agencies figure out why they did that other thing, and as they come out the chute, they get collected here....so Sarah's Beaver went to have a look...

If you can tell Danny and Sarah where her Beaver has been Friday morning, you could win a pair of tickets to a special pre-run screening of a new British comedy called Yesterday* at a secret Seattle theater!

As always, the phone number to use is 1-800-252-1025...good luck, and Happy Beaver Hunting!

  • The basic plot appears to be thus: The power goes out. All over the world. When it comes back on, everyone in the world, save for one musician (played by Himesh Patel), has lost any memory of The Beatles or any of their songs. Search the interwebs, you get a bug. This guy plays a few Lennon/McCartney numbers, everyone thinks he's a musical genius...and hilarity ensues!

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