Decrepit Old Beast, Glutton and Appreciation All In Our Show!

Decrepit Old Beast

Danny had a very eventful day looking for guitar picks even got to hangout with someone who was once in the band "The English Beat". Sarah updates us on a accident Gunshot on a Seattle Metro Bus, A Mushroom Farm in Olympia closing and one dumb criminal in Florida! In Music and Entertainment we chat about Getty Lee, Rihanna and Danny admits he might hate other ex child stars just a little. Mariners, NHL and Metallica, yes Metallica in Sports!


A new study says you can basically drink as much coffee as you desire without hurting your heart! So we discuss things we could easily enjoy to excess. We play a extra hard edition of "Which Pat Was That?" for tickets to Pat Benatar at Emerald Queen Casino July 27th. Danny hooks us up with his Big News of The Day PLUS another epic Joke of The Week from Paul's Daughter Jellybean!


Yesterday was Nurse Appreciation Day, we gave our shout out of appreciation of course, but it got us thinking about all the people we appreciate and the list is soooo long! In the news Sarah informs us about a stabbing in SeaTac, a body in a trunk found in Tonasket, and one raccoon who caught a ride in Tennessee!! We chat about the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath and HBO in Music and Entertainment! Mariners, NBA and NHL in Sports!!!

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