Rockfish, Everybody Sucks at Something and Dreamy Doubles: On Today's Show

That's One Angry Rockfish

Yesterday afternoon Danny,Sarah and Amanda witnessed a very upset Rockfish (as in a fellow coworker not an actual fish). In the news Sarah tells about a sad accident at Mount Rainier, a local man making national news due to a dispute with Car2go and a Florida Story involving a Snake! David Lee Roth, Iron Maiden and a Game Of Thrones Cruise all in Music and Entertainment. In Sports we talk Mariners and Special Guest Brian Halquist talking about Battle at The Boat 121 which is happening this Saturday June 1st at The Emerald Queen Casino.

Everybody Sucks at Something

Reese Witherspoon outed Meryl Streep for being a horrible bowler this week, so we admit things we just aren't great at from Golf to Directions! We play the final round of "Double Z Names!" for tickets to see Z Z Top at Chateau St Michelle August 21st! Danny tells us about his Big News Of The Day, and we play Where has Sarah's Beaver Been?

Dreamy Doubles

George Clooney and his wife Amal are auctioning off a fancy double date which kicked off a discussion about our dream double dates. We chat about pets in the workplace, an argument over a unflushed toilet and The Friday Fun Fact all in the News. In Music and Entertainment we talk about Debbie Harry,The Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga. Mariners, and the NBA in Sports PLUS We tell you all about Movies hitting theaters this weekend!

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