Today's Show Featuring Danny's Special Friend!

Danny's Special Friend

Sarah's T-shirt this morning sparked a debate about the difference between Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs, Danny pointed out if you want to see THE FRENCH BULLDOG just look at Amanda's Tattoo (Yes its of her french bulldog) PLUS Sarah had an encounter with Danny's Special Friend. In the news we discuss A gas leak in Seatac, A raccoon dog and someone who drives just a little too fast in Florida! Sarah informs of an auction that Danny's wife Amy might want to take part of, Iggy Pop and George Clooney in Music and Entertainment. In Sports we talk Mariners, Pittsburgh Pirates and NHL Playoffs.

Amanda's Tattoo of her French Bulldog, Square

Dear Mr. Fantasy

Mandy Moore recently climbed to Mount Everest basecamp, which brought up different Sports and Physical Achievement Fantasies we all have and the answers get a little crazy, one guy even wanted to box with Danny Bonaduce! We play "Double Z Words!" For tickets to see Z Z Top at Chateau San Michelle in August, this game once again proves to be harder than it sounds. Danny fill us in on his Big News of The Day plus a Filthy Forecast from Sarah!

Washington Is The Best

The other day we learned that three national parks in Washington were voted 'the best' so we talk about other things here in Washington that we are the best! Sarah fills us in on a fire in Bellevue, a Bear in a church and a debate about what constitutes a corn on the cob on a ear of corn all in the News. In Music and Entertainment we discuss Pearl Jam, Guns N Roses and The Beatles in Music and Entertainment. Mariners, Huskies Softball and NHL in Sports!

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