Yacht Rock And Brushes With Greatness all from Today's Show!

Danny and his Boat Shoes

Yacht Rock

Danny feels out of place with his the outfit he wore to work today and has a lot to say about it. Sarah informs us about a sad story involving a whale and a Washington State Ferry, A lady squirrel named Kevin and a strange theft in Florida all in the News! In Music and Entertainment we chat about Roger Waters,John Lennon and John Wick. Plus Mariners, one bad pitch and Tiger Woods in Sports!

A Brush With Greatness

Roger Waters was seen on the subway in New York which brings up times we have encountered famous people and the list has everybody from Alice Cooper to Nelson Mandela. We play the next installment of "Double Z Words!" for the sold out Z Z Top show on Aug 21st at Chateau St Michelle. Danny informs us of his Big News Of The Day and Jellybean dispenses an amazing Game of Thrones Joke for her Joke of the Week!

Are You Scared Yet?

Hawaii saw its first shark death of the year, Sarah said her and Matt were a bit scared when they were snorkeling there so we discuss places we find a little spooky! In the News we learn from Sarah about a ton of shooting her in the PNW, a snake that came out of strange place, and one very dirty beach. We chat about David Gilmour, Sharon Osbourne and The Brady Bunch in Music and Entertainment! In sports we talk Mariners, one bad pitch and Chipotle!

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