Bucket Full of Cassidys and Other Fun Things From Today's Show

Bucket Full of Cassidys

Danny had a weekend filled with The Cassidy's and a slightly morbid but excellent adventure retracing Janis Joplin's last steps. In the News Sarah updates us on a sad shooting out at Pritchard Island Beach, Amanda chooses an inappropriate sound effect for a sad story and a story involving a bath in an inappropriate location in Florida. Robert Plant, Steve Austin and George Clooney in Music and Entertainment PLUS Mariners, Huskies Soft Ball and a Sad Passing in Sports.

Sorry to Disappoint

Paul spend the long weekend camping, and has realized somethings are just better when your a kid so we have a conversation about all the things we loved as kids, but don't hold up as an adult. We play the first round of "Double Z Words!" for tickets to the sold out Z Z Top and Cheap Trick Show at Chateau St Michelle August 21st. Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day and Sarah gives us another fabulous Filthy Forecast.

The Age of Aquarius

There is a new trend involving your astrological sign and dating sites, it all seems a little far fetched to us but we get that some people really believe in this stuff so we talk about things we believe in that others don't we talk about everything from Sasquatch to Numerology! In the News we learn from Sarah about a sad situation in Magnuson Beach involving a boy who almost drowned, a lot of strange things happening in Japan and The first fully albino Panda caught on video. We discuss Billy Joel,Elton John and Star Wars in Music and Entertainment plus Mariners, the passing of Bill Buckner and Sounders in Sports.

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