Can Paul Be Nice For Mr. Rogers Day? And Other Questions On Today's Show

Can Paul Do It????

Can Paul Be Nice For Mr. Rogers Day?

It's finally the BIG DAY as in Mr. Rogers 143 Day, Paul and Danny have a bet if Paul can be nice the whole show! In the news we learn from Sarah that Magnuson Beach is a PoopFest, one woman put something crazy in her will involving her dog,and Someone in Florida proved some people shouldn't have guns. We chat about Woodstock, Ice T and A Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Music and Entertainment. Mariners,Sounders and The NFL in Sports.

What?!? Is this too difficult?

It's Mr Rogers Day and Paul is trying to be NICE all show because of it which is proving to be more difficult than he had anticipated, so we discuss things we thought were going to be easy but turned out to be hard. We play a very interesting edition of "Two Nights of The Living Dead" for tickets to Dead and Company at the gorge on both June 7th and 8th plus camping passes. Danny informs us of his Big News Of The Day and a fantastic Filthy Forecast from Sarah.

Are You Ready For This Comeback?

Retro is back, everything that was old is once again cool, they are bringing back New coke, rebooting classic shows and oh so much more so we chat about all the things we wish they would bring back. Sarah fills us in on a car pursuit in Renton, A tasty new treat from Carl's Jr and a beer fit for weddings? all in the News. Mickey Hart, Justin Bieber and Nova Scotia in Music and Entertainment PLUS Battle at The Boat 121, Mariners and Mets in Sports!

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