Today's Show "My Wife Do Ran Ran"

That One Time Danny Played With Weapons at Work

My Wife Do Ran Ran

Danny's Wife, Amy left for a grand adventure involving David Cassidy and he tells us all about it! In the News we learn from Sarah about a Car Vs House Crash in Sammamish, a ferry boat that had to pause due to a bear and another Oh Florida story that makes you think about all the hiding places people might have. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Z Z Top, Ciara and Stranger Things. Mariners, Seattle Storm and The Buffalo Bills in Sports!

Welcome To Hobby Town

Recently we learned that Rod Stewart and Roger Daltery have the fun hobby of collecting Model Trains, so we talk about interesting hobbies we have or wish we had. We play an extra hard edition of "Two Nights Of The Living Dead" For a two night package including a camping pass to see The Dead & Company at The Gorge June 7th and 8th. Danny gives us the low down on his Big News of The Day, plus Jellybean pretty steals the show today with her Joke of the Week!

Professional Mind Blowers

Yesterday we had a heated discussion about a Sherpa, which is one mind blowing profession, we end up discussing professions that blow our minds! Sarah updates us on the Cherry Picker that was taken for a joy ride with a worker in it, and egg centric thief and one very fun pool floatie! Bon Jovi, Ellen and Amy Schumer all in Music and Entertainment plus Mariners,Storm and NHL in Sports!!!

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