Today's Show "A Deal At Half The Price?"

A Deal At Half The Price?

Danny and his wife had some streak and he was NOT impressed. Sarah tells us about a shooting in the Mount Baker Neighborhood, one gentleman who really really wanted to get his drink on, and one fancy alligator in Florida! In music and entertainment we chat about Lindsey Buckingham, Rod Stewart and Whitney Houston. Mariners and the NBA in Sports!

Third Times a Charm

Scarlett Johansson is getting married for a third time and Danny says "Third Times a Charm" so we discuss our favorite adage. We play the next round of "Two Nights of The Living Dead" For the HUGE prize of seeing Dead and Company at the Gorge June 7th and 8th PLUS camping passes. Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day and Sarah gives us another unforgettable Filthy Forecast.

Imagine Dragons

Game of Thrones has come to an end but we all agree some of the best parts to that show were they mythical creatures like Dragons! We have a conversation about Mythical Creatures,People and Places that are pretty great. In the news we have a deep discussion about Sherpa's , A Disney employee who is in big trouble and Strange Funeral all in the News. In music and entertainment we chat about Sammy Hagar, Cher and Oprah PLUS Battle at The Boat 121 out at the EQC happening June 1st, Mariners and Alex Rodriguez in Sports.

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