Today's Show "Living With Elephants"

Living With Elephants

Danny tells us all about his trip to palm springs to see he son graduate from High School. Sarah updates on Two Shootings that happened over the weekend, a teen who made a cool discovering in Iowa and A Florida story involving Walmart and a scooter. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Gene Simmons, Marylin Manson and Mathew McConaughey. Mariners, Sounders and oh so much more in Sports!

Not So Delightful

We found out that pools are actually nasty and germ filled so we discuss things we have discovered are not so delightful. The first edition of "Two Nights Of The Living Dead" for tickets to Dead and Company at the Gorge on June 7th & 8th plus camping passes! Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day and it does not disappoint. PLUS Business news with Jim the Flagger.

Don't Call Me Lazy

Turns out 1 in 5 people don't wash their legs, because their just plain lazy so we all talk about our acts of laziness and Laundry seems to be a big one. In the news Sarah informs us about a large lizard caught in Florida, a Pennsylvanian woman who really makes you glad you got your significant other a good birthday gift and one very smooth criminal. A very interesting thing has been sold at auction, wedding bells will be ringing for two stars and Bill Murray may be in the new ghostbusters all in Music and Entertainment.Battle at the Boat 121, Mariners and Sounders in Sports!

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