Today's Show "The Durian Drama"

Danny Takes On The Durian

Durian Drama

Danny had a chopstick disaster yesterday followed by bring your strange weapons to work day today (no it's not actually a thing) Amanda and Danny brought some interesting weapons to attack a Durian with today after the show! Sarah informs us commercial Salmon Fishing has opened in Alaska and what that means for us, A new furry friend has joined the point defiance zoo and a Florida story involving a General Lee Replica Car all in the News! In Music and Entertainment we discuss Soundgarden, a passing in the entertainment world that's a little heartbreaking and baby shark. Mariners, Golf and an old Danny Bonaduce and Sarah show member in Sport News? Yes that's right Gibbons is making an appearance in our sports news.

Go Go Gadget Arms

Aston Martin is coming out with replicas of the 1964 DB5 from the movie Goldfinger! So we chat about all the imaginary gadgets we would like to have. We play the FINAL round of "The C Word" for tickets to see Chicago in July. Danny informs of us his Big News of The Day and We play Where has Sarah's Beaver been for tickets to The Tacoma Rainers.

You Brought What? Where???

Yesterday in the news a little boy ended up bringing a whole lot of crack to his school, which kicks off a discussion about times we have brought something inappropriate somewhere or brought something by accident somewhere. In the news Sarah tells us what country likes to get drunk the most, a bad smell that wasn't a Durian in the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and an adorable story involving Kittens! In Music and Entertainment there is discussion of The Police, Bon Jovi and Spice Girls, Plus in Sports we talk Mariners, Golf and other fun things. PLUS its Friday so we discuss Movies coming out this weekend.

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