Today's Show "Pig Week?"

Pig Week?

Apparently Amanda and Danny both happen to be very gross people plus Danny and Amy went to a very odd place that handed them one strange flyer that had the Words Pig Week on the front and a list of some very strange events like leather masked ball, pig dance and oh so many other strange things. Sarah tells us all about a horrible crash on 99 by Canlis,one man who did something very odd with his dead wife, and a Florida story involving a catfish all in the news! In music and entertainment Roger Daltery did something very unrockstar like, Iron Maiden and a sad passing in the TV and movie world. Mariners,Sounders and NBA in Sports!

Truth Hurts

Yesterday we learned that sad truth, penis enlargement doesn't work, so we discuss things we know are most likely not true, but we wish they were. We play the next installment of "The C Word" for tickets to Chicago at Chateau St Michelle July 19th. Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day! Plus JELLYBEAN stops by with her excellent Joke of The Week


Domino's announced Hawaiian Spaghetti pizza and well all agree that's a HELLLLL NO! Which kicks off a conversation of our HELL NO's people, places and things that are oh HELL NO! In the News Sarah tells us about some that Washington and Seattle have topped a few lists, good lists, one man is in trouble for calling 911 from an odd place, and one man chose to advertise in a very interesting place. We chat about a cool festival that is happening soon, Bruce Springsteen and Daniel Craig got hurt apparently. Mariners, Sounders and NBA all in Sports!!!!

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