Today's Show "Poke or Parkour"

Poke or Parkour

Danny had quite the adventure yesterday with Amy, even thought about preforming some Parkour (aka jumping off walls). In the news we learn about a shooting that happened in South Lake Union, a story about penis enlargement that might surprise you, and a woman in Florida who hid a things in places your not suppose to hide things. In Music and Entertainment we chat about The Rolling Stones, a very strange and gross cheese and Rob Lowe. Plus Mariners, Russell Wilson and The Kentucky Derby all in Sports.

Living That Lofty Lifestyle

Paul and Danny have a bet going that Paul can't be nice for one whole day, which kicks off a conversation about lofty goals we have set for ourselves. We play "The C word" for tickets to see Chicago at the Chateau Saint Michelle July 19th! Danny tells us all about his Big News Of The Day and Sarah gives us another Filthy Forecast.

A Matter Of Trust

Danny mentioned yesterday that he doesn't know if its the hat, our the uniform, but there is just something about pilots that he trusts so we discuss job titles and professions that we associate with trust. Sarah updates us on the plane crash in Alaska, a pretty epic paid internship, and a chicken named Blue. We talk about a new rock and roll cruise, phish and Melissa McCarthy in music and entertainment. In Sports we have all the info on the Mariners, Russell Wilson and Sounders!

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