Today's Show "Purple Rain Wilson"

Purple Rain Wilson

Danny and Amy are on a mission, a mission to find handmade jewelry by Rainn Wilson's mom at Pike Place Market! In the news Sarah updates us on a whale watching boat that needed rescue yesterday, A new project that could take us to the moon and a Florida that won't disappoint. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Woodstock, Jonas Brothers and Game Of Thrones. Plus Mariners,Seahawks and The NHL in Sports.

I'm From The Future and My Time Machine Parked Out Back

Luke Perry was buried in something that sound like its from the future, a mushroom suit! Which brings up all the fun things we hope to see in technology in the future. We play one final round of Rock's Rainbow for tickets to see Deep Purple at the Paramount on September 11th. Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day plus we play Where has Sarah's Beaver Been!!

For The Red, White and Blue

Mount Rushmore just announced their fireworks 4th of July is back which seems pretty dang patriotic, which brings into discussion all the things we thing just scream AMERICA! In the news we learn about Amanda has been using the wrong sound effect for a bob cat, there is a new ice cream sweeping the nation you may not want to try and a Mothers Day Special Fun Fact. We discuss Avengers, Game of Thrones and a sad passing in Entertainment and Music. Plus Mariners, Seahawks and NHL in Sports!!!

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