Today's Show "Phone Licker"

Phone Licker

Danny starts the show off informing us he has in fact, licked the screen of his phone and apparently he isn't the only one. Sarah informs us of shootings in Queen Anne and North Seattle, A knife that fell from the sky and a duo from Florida who made a few bad choices. Led Zeppelin, an odd guitar and Netflix in Music and Entertainment. Plus is Sports Mariners, Seahawks and Dennis Rodman!

Party Rock Anthem

Yesterday in the news we talked about the World Cup Of Rugby Orginizers being concerned that there wouldn't be enough beer for the celebrations, which got us wondering about who or where the best parties would be. We play Rock's Rainbow for tickets to Deep Purple at the Paramount September 11th. Danny fills us in on his Big News Of The Day. As well as according to Danny and Paul "THE BEST" Filthy Forecast Sarah has ever given!

Close Calls

A large kitchen knife fell from the sky in china, and almost hit a man which strikes up a conversation about close calls we have experienced! In the news Sarah updates us on a shooting in Queen Anne, A smoking ban that might be coming to Beverly Hills and a Florida Story DANNY doesn't poo poo. We chat about Led Zeppelin, Justin Timberlake and Dolly Parton in Music and Entertainment. Mariners and Seahawks in sports!

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