Today's Show "Bodacious Billy and His Large Black Hat"

Bodacious Billy and His Large Black Hat

Danny has picked up a new guitar teacher, and we can't decide if his name is Billy the Bodacious or Bodacious Billy but either way he wears a large black cowboy hat! Sarah updates us on the School Shooting from yesterday in Colorado, the Uber Strike and Two Loverbirds in Florida in the News. In music and entertainment we chat about Brian Wilson, a very chilly rave and Hellraiser. Mariners and more in Sports!

Fight Club

Friends Fight, but sometimes it happens in really odd ways so we discuss some of the times fights with friends have taken an odd turn. We play the next installment of Rock's Rainbow for tickets to see Deep Purple September 11th at The Paramount. Danny hooks us up with his big news of the day plus its Wednesday which means its Jellybeans Joke of the Week!!!

Family Ties

The tv show "who do you think you are" is coming back which kicks off one of a conversation some don't always want to have, what fun or not so fun facts have you found in your family tree? In the news Sarah tells us an update on Amanda Knox, why the Seattle Skyline is orange and a strange poop exhibit. In music and entertainment we chat about Robert Plant, Sports Illustrated and Game of thrones! Mariners, Kentucky Derby and Rugby in Sports.

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