Today's Show " I Smell and Know Things"

I Smell and Know Things

Danny finally has jumped on the Game of Thrones wagon! In the news Sarah informs us of two shootings that happened overnight and this weekend, some unusual visitors to someones hot tubs, plus another epic Florida story. We chat about Motley Crue, Billy Joel and Vince Vaughn in Music and Entertainment. PLUS Mariners Tickets, the Kentucky Derby and More in Sports!

Cape of Disappointment

The Kentucky Derby had a strange ending, one that most found disappointing which kicks off a discussion about endings we have found disappointing. We play the first installment of Rock's Rainbow for tickets to Deep Purple at the Paramount September 11th. Danny hooks us up with his Big News Of The Day followed by Jim The Flagger's Business News!

Going The Distance

Sarah has traveled all around the country to go to baseball games, and Danny has to go to California for his sons graduation, starts a conversation about places we would or have gone the distance for. Sarah updates us on shooting on Rainier Ave, on Alaska woman who found herself $311,652 richer and one man who really loves his Dairy Queen. In Music and Entertainment we talk about The future of El Corazon, Nick Mason and Meat Loaf. PLUS Mariners, Kentucky Derby and the Raiders in Sports.

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