Today's Show "Bad Omens"

Bad Omens

It's Friday and Danny has already had a black cat walk across his path and walked under a ladder! In the new Sarah tells us about some radioactive exposure over by harbor view by Terry Street, a new line of burgers coming Burger King and a story from Florida that involves a whole lot of beef. In Music and Entertainment we discuss Eddie Vedder, Peter Mayhew and The tv show Bones. Plus Sounders, Mariners and The Kentucky Derby in Sports.

I Just Can't Wait

People are really interested in trying the new "Impossible Burger", they are struggling to keep up with demand so we discuss all we are seriously can't to try for the first time. We play the final round of Billy Idol's for tickets to Billy Idol at the Washington State Fair Aug 30th! Danny informs us all about his Big News of The Day! PLUS We play Where Has Sarah's Beaver Been!

Life Is Full Of Events

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday, millions of people will tune in, and most don’t normally follow horse racing which kicks off a discussion about TV events we just can't miss. Sarah updates us on the Radioactive breach in First Hill, Seattle has a brand new baby animal and The Friday Fun Fact. We chat about Z Z Top, Blackish and Kelly Clarkson in Music and Entertainment Plus oh so much more in Sports.

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