Today's Show "Hanging On The Telephone"

Hanging On The Telephone

Danny and Amanda had some serious issues with the KZOK phone system this extra early Thursday morning! Sarah updates us on not one but two overnight shootings in Seattle, an argument over Chevy vs Ford that went horribly wrong in Virginia and a Florida story that doesn't disappoint. In Music and Entertainment we chat about the Rolling Stones, The Jonas Brothers, and Chrissy Teigen. PLUS Mariners, Kentucky Derby and More in Sports.

Bucket Full of Hate

Sometimes things that people absolutely love we hate and we discuss them everything from Coffee to Marshmallows. We play another round of "Billy's Idols" for tickets to see Billy Idol at The Washington State Fair August 30th. Danny hooks us up with his big news of the day plus another titillating Filthy Forecast from Sarah.

Inconceivable! Unbelievable! It Just Can't Be!

Yesterday in the News Sarah informed us that the staff at a Jersey Shore amusement park insist that their roller coaster is safe, even though two test dummies just fell out of it and crashed onto the roof of a nearby hotel and we call Malarkey! Which kicks off a discussion about things we have recently been told that we just don't believe. In the news Sarah informs us of a car crash in Skyway, an odd highway patrol stop and some fancy seagulls in London. We talk about Van Halen, Kiss and Kanye West In Music and Entertainment. Mariners, Washington Redskins and The Kentucky Derby all in Sports!

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