Today's Show "Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News"

Doctor Doctor Give Me The News

Danny informs us about his most recent Doctors visit. Sarah hooks us up with all the info on May Day Demonstrations, A human skeleton found Longview and a story involving beer and Florida. In music and entertainment we discuss Dave Grohl, Game of Thrones and Fred Savage. PLUS in sports we give away a pair of Mariners Tickets!

Just TOO Much With Rick Jones

A Maine man was arrested for having too many wives, he had 4 which seems like way too many wives, so we discuss when we have had too many of something, the answers range from train cars to belt buckles. We play the next installment of Billy's Idols for tickets to see Billy Idol at the Washington State Fair August 30th. We have special guest Rick Jones from Goldberg Jones, Divorce for Men for Life Coach. Plus another knee slapper with Jellybeans Joke of the Week.

All Work And No Play

Jails in New Zealand gave slushie machines to workers so they didn't overheat in the summer which kicks off a conversation about cool things we have had implemented in our workplaces. Sarah informs us of a tasty new Dumpling house moving to Kirkland, A person who loves to be naked in Salt Lake City and one weird roller coaster in the news. We chat about Guns n Roses, Woodstock and Kid Rock in music and entertainment. Plus oh so much more in sports!

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