Today's Show "Tan & Handsome"

Tan & Handsome

Danny made one gentleman a little uncomfortable out in the real world yesterday, among many other Danny like actives such as almost stealing his breakfast. Sarah tells us about some strange local news involving swords, a hitman armed with a crossbow and another reason to never go to Florida. In music and entertainment we discuss Bryan Adams, Beyonce and Game Of Thrones. PLUS Mariners, Seahawks and other things involving balls in sports!


Gone Missing

The world is currently heartbroken after watched a massive fire engulf Notre Dame Cathedral , many have said the world will never be the same without the historic it, which kicked off a discussion about Landmarks and Places like Disneyland and the Spaceneedle that would could also cause some serious devastation if they were suddenly gone. We play "Sing For Your Supper" for Dinner for Two at the Emerald Queen Casino PLUS entry into the grand prize of getting to stay at the EQC Hotel the night before out live broadcast on April 26th. Danny gives us the low down on his Big News Of The Day, Plus Jellybean stops by for her Joke of the Week!


One Man's Trash

An Indiana man is suing his parents after they threw away his porn collection which made us wonder about things people have thrown out that meant something to you! The answers will surprise you. In the news we discuss a woman who charged at police with scissors and another woman who says spirits made her set her house on fire plus a real live unicorn which you can see HERE. Sarah has all the details about some very cool new guitars, a new Stephan King show, and we argue about Martha Stewart's net worth. PLUS SPORTS!!



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