Today's Show "Ketchup Monster"

Ketchup Monster

Sarah woke up with a mystery substance in her hair this morning and Danny may or may not be to blame. In the news we discuss Russell Wilson, The fire felt world wide in Paris France and a Florida man armed with one extra special squirt gun. Sarah gives us all the info on the new Jimi Hendrix Exhibit at the Northwest African American Museum, Journey has announced something kind of fun and in no real big surprise Game of Thrones has broken more records. In Sports we talk about Russell Wilson, The Mariners and oh so much more!


Sustain and Abstain

Studies show plenty of younger people are not having sex which kicks of a discussion about things we have abstained from! We play the game that is sweeping the nation, "Sing for your Supper!" for not only Dinner for 2 at the Emerald Queen Casino but they are entered in for a chance to win a night at the EQC hotel the night before our live broadcast on April 26th at the EQC! Danny hooks us up with his BIG News of the Day and Sarah gives us a Mushroomlicous Filthy Forecast!


Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

A little girl in England used a red sharpie to make it look like she had chicken pox, her parents weren’t fooled which kicked off a conversation about things we did that were just plain stupid when we were kids. Sarah updates us on a shooting in South Park, a man who tried to smuggle a fish in a very odd way, and a man who is suing his parents for a very odd reason. In Entertainment and Music News we discuss Queen, Mastodon and Steve Martin! Plus all the info you need about The Mariners,Seahawks and NHL in Sports.



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