Today's Show "I Speak Goat"

I Speak Goat

WE'RE BACKKKK! The show is back from vacation, Danny's trip to Hawaii was anything but boring, he even learned that he speaks goat. Sarah fills us in on some sad news from Cowlitz County, a girl who really didn't want to go school, and a story from Florida that features 3 naked women, a taser but not in the way you think. In Music and Entertainment we chat about Queen, Chris Cornell and The Simpsons. PLUS in Sports we give away Mariners Tickets, Talk about Tiger Woods and The Sounders.


Just Clowning Around!

Paul's daughter Jellybean, has decided she wants to be a Clown when she grows up while Sarah is not happy with this, Paul seems to be unphased by this announcement. This development in Paul's personal life kicked off a discussion of times our parents disagreed with our career choices and times we may have disagreed with our kids career ideas. We Play "Sing For Your Supper" for not only Dinner for 2 at Emerald Queen Casino, but for a change to win an overnight stay at The EQC Hotel the night before our live broadcast on April 26 at The EQC. Danny tells us all about his Big News of the Day PLUS Business News With Jim the Flagger.


The King Of Comebacks

Tiger Woods is having a huge comeback which kicks of a conversation about things or people we believe have the biggest comeback stories. Sarah updates us on a stabbing in university district, a very interesting burglary in Clallam County, and a turtle army in Florida! In Music and Entertainment we discuss The Rolling Stones, NCIS and what happened in the box office this weekend! PLUS Seahawks, Mariners and Sounders all in Sports.



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