Today's Show "Guard Geese"

Guard Geese

Sarah recently was attacked by a goose, she even has pictures to prove it and Danny is reminded of not only guard geese but his own guard dog from back in the day. In the news we discuss a new announcement from Amazon, Cute Pandas you need to see before April 14th at woodland park zoo and another story from Florida about a missing church. In Music and Entertainment we chat about a new book coming from a McKagan but not the one you think, Metallica Front Man James Hetfield coming to a small screen near you soon and Netflix is making a change one you may not like. PLUS we talk Mariners, Some strange foods coming to one baseball stadium and one football defensive end will be showing up on one cult show in the near future.


Bad Company

Two guys in Arkansas are in trouble, and ordered to stay away from each other, after shooting guns at each other while wearing bullet proof vests proving sometimes your in bad company so we discuss times we have had bad friends who encouraged us to do some not so great things, like fighting, stealing and a just causing an all around ruckus. We play Bacon, Beer or Baseball to win tickets to The Bacon and Beer Classic May 4th at T-Mobile Park! Danny tells us all about his Big News of The Day! Plus another unforgettable edition of Sarah's Filthy Forecast.


What's My Age Again?

Our divorce rate is high, especially for people who got married while in their twenties. People grow and change, many wind up regretting having gotten married which kicks off a conversation about things we did when we were in our 20's that we regret. Sarah hooks us up with everything we need to know about a big store closing at Northgate Mall, a tattoo shop dealing with a large theft, and a very dedicated road rager. In Music and Entertainment we talk about some amazing shows headed our way this summer and a new tv show that will be located in Walla Walla Washington and of course we close the show out with Sports!



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