Today's Show "Pong Master Duceman"

Pong Master Duceman

Danny had one hell of a time playing ping pong over the weekend and even created a new outfit just for the occasion. In the news we hear about Paine Field' air plane capacity and a canceled Apple product. Then in entertainment and sports Sarah keeps us updated on the condition of the Rolling Stones tour and brings a brand new song by Elon Musk to our attention. Then in sports we check in on the number 1 Seattle Mariners.


Full House

Paul has three generations living in his house, Dylan lives with three other people so we were wondering when did you live with a bunch of people and how did it work out? We also play our brand new game Bacon, Beer or Baseball! Then its time for Danny's Big News of the Day where we hear about American sex trends and El Chapo getting into a new type of business. We also get a brand new edition of Business News with Jim The Flagger.


Aaahh Real Monsters

A man was on trial in Virginia for killing a man who he believed to be a werewolf so we asked what fictional creature would freak you out if it was real? Then, in the news, Sarah brings us stories about a rogue fish and a big alligator. Then in entertainment and sports we discuss the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and George Clooney calling for a hotel boycott.



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