Today's Show "Three Thousand Dollar Cat"

Three Thousand Dollar Cat

Danny is in a cat caused conundrum and in the news Sarah brings us up to date about The Himalayas and a pretty big dinosaur. In entertainment and sports we learn about a new Poison project and Michael Irvin asking for some help.

Pet Project

Ohio has an 'official state pet' so we were wondering what Washington's should be. Then we get a brand new edition of Bad To The Bone! Then in Danny's Big News of the Day we hear stories on a future moon mission and a famous burger joint changing its name. Sarah also gives us a weather update in Sarah's Filthy Forecast!

Endless Tradition

The Pope has stopped having people 'kiss the ring' because thinks the practice is outdated which made us wonder what traditions you want to stick around even if they are a bit outdated? Then in the news Sarah brings us a story about events in the Woodland Park Zoo as well as a strange court confrontation. In entertainment and sports we hear about a special performance from Cat Stevens and a pretty pricey jersey.

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