Today's Show "That's Mr. Bonaduce"

That's Mr. Bonaduce

Danny had an interesting interaction with a uber driver yesterday and made his triumphant return to television. Then in the news Sarah shares stories on Amanda Knox and her future plans as well as a story about an escaped dog. In entertainment and sports an elderly couple may love Iron Maiden a little too much and Joan Jett is set to make a pretty cool appearance.

Eat Your Heart Out

7-11 is turning some locations into sit down restaurants, that's a bit odd so we were wondering when have you eaten a meal in someplace out of the ordinary?Then a brand new edition of Bad To The Bone followed by the big news including stories on a NASA miscalculation and some annoying words. Then we hear Jellybean's Joke of the Week!

That's The Impression That I Get

The European Gull Screeching Championship just happened, with people mimicking bird calls so we asked what is something you can do in impression of? Then in the news Sarah reports on stories about the UW cherry blossoms and a brave woman confronting a skunk. In entertainment and sports we hear about The Eagles coming to TV as well as a ten year old getting to run the bases.

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