Today Show "Dogface"

Dog Face

Danny had quite the encounter trying to buy a greeting card and found his bunny buddies once again. Sarah updates us on the news including stories about a soda drinking Hawaiian man and a strange rental law in San Francisco. In music and entertainment news The Sex Pistols are getting the big screen treatment and apple gets into the streaming service game.

Party Down

Younger folks are hiring people to help them put on dinner parties because they don't know how, and they want to avoid disaster so we asked when have you had a disastrous dinner or house party? Then in Danny's Big News of the Day we learn about the new way drugs are making it into prisons and a generous teacher in Kenya. Sarah also gives us a weather update with a Filthy Forecast.

What A Zoo

A zoo is up for sale in England, that seems like it would be a pretty cool business which made us wonder what kind of business do you think would be fun to own and run? Then, in the news, Sarah tells us about a brand new 7-11 and a pretty extreme balloon theft. Is entertainment in sports we hear about Dr. Dre and a mafia house.

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