Today's Show "Fun at Funko"

Fun At Funko

Danny brings us up to speed on his adventures in Everett and his experience at Funko. Sarah delivers the news including stories about city names and a yellow taxi cab. Then in music and entertainment we talk about Megadeth's cruise and a man named Micheal Jackson who isnt who you think. We also catch you up on March Madness and the Mariners.


Starbucks is changing their cups to recyclable and compostable ones, some people don't like them because they are flimsier so we asked when has a change to something really bothered you? And we get Danny's Big News of the Day with stories on beer and raccoons. Then the final edition of Balls Or No Balls! And we ask if you can guess where Sarah's Beaver has been?

Lost And Found

A couple of buddies found a fridge full of cold beer in a Nebraska field so we were wondering when did you find something cool? We also talk to Gregg Greene, the VP of Marketing for the Seattle Mariners. Then Sarah updates us on the news and we chat about a man with a few too many plants and the dirty dozen of fruits and veggies.Then in music and entertainment we hear about a Rolling Stones special event and Donny and Marie. In sports we hear about some golf and then we update you on the new movies of the week.

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