Today's Show "Danny Vs Donny"

Danny Vs Donny

Danny had not one but two cases of mistaken identity. Sarah fills us in on a stabbing a shooting and a mini fridge full of beer. In music and entertainment we chat about Duff McKagan, Sammy Hagar and Lollapalooza. And then in sports we continue to follow the number one Seattle Mariners, March Madness and Battle at the Boat 120 at EQC.

Kick Start My Heart

A Chinese woman injected fruit juice into her veins thinking it was healthy so we asked what is something that you've done that you thought was good for you? Then in Danny's Big News Of The Day we learn about a few happy countries and a fence issue between neighbors. Then we get a Filthy Forecast from Sarah.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

A hotel in South Korea is in trouble for live streaming hotel guests without their knowledge, the Eagle Cam was very popular video stream, as was the birth camera for April the Giraffe so we were wondering what you would like to watch a live stream of? Then in the news we hear about a break dancing driver and an interesting pair of sneakers. Then in music and entertainment Sarah lets us know about the Stone Temple Pilots next project and the pursuit for the powerball. Then we talk March Madness with Softy from 950 KJR AM.

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