Today's Show "Right of Way"

Right of Way

Danny ponders the rules of the road and Hawaiian cuisine. Sarah also provides us with some news about expensive cities, asteroids and a green iguana. In entertainment we discuss Google moving into the gaming industry and in sports the Mariners on the top of the league

By Any Other Name

The Rock just had a tank named after him so we asked what is something you want to be named after you? We also play America's favorite game, Balls or No Balls! Then in Danny's Big News we hear about a stolen wall and a Hawaiian hitting the jackpot. And we hear Jellybean's Joke of the Week!

Yabba Dabba Don't

The owners of the ‘Flintstones House’ in California have been sued by their neighbors, the house has been called an eyesore and a public nuisance so we asked What is something you think is an eyesore. Sarah updates us on all news local, national, and just plain odd. In music and sports we talk Mariners and Pearl Jam.

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