Today's Show "Addicted to Stuff"

Addicted to Stuff

Danny admits that he's a bit of an addict as he talks about taking a stress test and his son's wisdom teeth. Sarah brings us the news including a local bus crash reminds us again why we hate Florida.Then we discuss James Gunn and the Mariners game in Japan.

Gimme Some Truth

People have long believed that taking a daily aspirin tablet can help prevent a heart attack, but the American Heart Association says it’s not true so we asked what is something you believed was true but it really wasn't? Then a new edition of Balls Or No Balls! Then Danny informs us of his Big News of the Day including space viruses and Shaquille O'Neal. Sarah gives us a Filthy Forecast.

A Clam Of A Good Time

It's razor clam season, and each year Danny says he's going to go but doesn't make it so we discuss what activities we cant believe we haven't tried. Then, in the news we hear of a police stand off in Illinois, a handful of bears, and a box full of tortoises. In music and entertainment news we chat about a new Hollywood walk of fame star and new TV shows for us all to enjoy. And you can't forget about sports!

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