Today's Show "Cheap Trick"

Cheap Trick

Danny is trying to be as cheap as he can and had quite the adventure at the Amazon Spheres this weekend. Sarah has the news which includes a shooting in West Seattle, a strange haunting, and a debate about unicorns. We chat about the sad passing of Dick Dale, some cool Sesame Street news and Jeopardy all in music and entertainment. Plus in sports Connor McGregor buys a round of drinks and Johnny Manziel is coming back to America.

The Haves and The Have Nots

A Missouri lawmaker has introduced a bill to require every citizen to own a firearm, which kicked off a discussion about items we think everyone should own. We kicked off our first installment of BALLS OR NO BALLS! Danny fills us in on his Big NEWS of the Day! And of course you can't forget about Business News with Jim Flagger.

Holiday In The Sun

Yesterday was St Patty’s Day and people celebrated in a variety of ways, which made us wonder which holiday have the best celebrations. Sarah has all the info on local, national and just plain weird news! Plus Motley Crue, George Micheal and Bob Newhart in Music and Entertainment. Plus a whole lot of balls in sports!

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