Today's Show "Hold On Loosely"

Hold On Loosely

Danny had a very adventurous day yesterday and tells us all about it including a movie about turtles, some parking drama and the classic 24/7 restaurant in South Seattle called Randy's. Sarah tells us about an earthquake in Hawaii ,another airplane in trouble and some baby sharks all in the news! We chat about Journey, one big fancy cruise and the college scam happening in Entertainment and Music. PLUS NCAA, Mariners, Odell Beckman and much more in SPORTS

Meat, It's What's For Dinner

A couple has eaten at the same Wichita restaurant six nights a week for that last 15 years, Anderson Cooper eats the same meal every day so we discuss things we would be ok eating everyday! We play "Rock Your World!" For ticket to see Kansas at the Paramount Theater April 13th. Danny tells all about his big news of the day, plus Jellybean's Joke of the Week!

Soul Survivor

A man survived hours lost at sea by turning his jeans into a flotation device which kicked off a conversation about different survival tactics we have heard about or seen. Sarah informs us of a shooting in Brazil that is devastating, an insurance scam gone wrong and one very special Koala in the News. We chat about The Beatles, Blink 182 and Kevin Hart in Music and Entertainment PLUS we give away tickets to The Battle at the Boat 120 out at the EQC on March 23rd, talk about a little football and a whole lot more in sports!

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