Today's Show "All Is Not Lost"

All Is Not Lost

Danny and Sarah keep losing things, and Danny seems to think he has found a possible solution. Sarah has all the info on a Shooting In Kent, a lady who tried to make one local pet pros into a drive thru but not the fun kind, and a crazy lady in Florida who makes Danny realize sometimes people deserve to be stabbed. Some sad news in music and entertainment about Hal Blaine plus it's the end of The Big Bang Theory. We chat about the The Seahawks, Mariners and The Iditarod in Sports

Danny, Mayor of Queen Anne

A Vermont town has elected a 3-year-old goat to serve as their honorary mayor, so we play with the idea of who we would nominate as honorary mayor and of course Danny nominates himself as Major of Queen Anne. We play the second installment of " Rock Your World!" for tickets to see Kansas in April! Danny gives us the hook up on his big news which includes a vote in North Korea, a fancy new Ford truck, and a lost baby. PLUS an unforgettable Filthy Forecast from Sarah.

Not So Groovy Movies

A Missouri woman claims she was reenacting a movie scene when she shot her boyfriend which kicks off a discussion about the worst movie scenes to reenact. Sarah updates us on a shooting in Tacoma, all the places planes are being grounded because of the most recent crash in Ethiopia and one angry Kangaroo. Bon Jovi, David Bowie and Peeps on a Perch all in music and entertainment PLUS We talk about Battle at the Boat 120, Seahawks and the Mariners in Sports.

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