Today's Show "Baby, I'm A Firework"

Baby, I'm a Firework!

Danny tells us he is apparently a firework, Dylan who is training apparently has a baby arm growing out of his head plus Danny had some tasty BBQ yesterday! Sarah has the down low on an explosion that happened in Puyallup, some strange info about our local ferry system and a fun new whiskey that's headed your way. We discuss R. Kelly and Idris Elba in Music and Entertainment PLUS Mariners, The Chicago Bears new kicker and LeBron James in Sports!

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

A guy tried to get out of jury duty by yelling "guilty, he's guilty" in the courtroom, which makes us discuss various attempts we have made to get out of doing things! The answers get a little strange from setting pants on fire to getting wisdom teeth pulled. We played "Take the Money and Run!" to win tickets to see Steve Miller Band at Chateau San Michelle on Aug 30th! Danny has his Big News Of The Day, plus an extra special edition of Sarah's Filthy Forecast.

Freak On A Leash

A champion has been named at the 57th Annual Conch Shell Blowing Contest, it’s such a strange talent, which makes us talk about all the odd talents we have and apparently some of our staff can do some interesting things, including putting their legs over the head. Sarah fills us in about a big school closing here in Seattle, a man from Florida did something pretty stupid and if your a Ranch fan you may want to head to Las Vegas! We discuss R Kelly, Alex Trebeck and the song Havanna in Music and Entertainment PLUS WNBA, Mariners, and one fast dog in sports!

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