Today's Show "Aren't You Just Fabulous"

Aren't You Just Fabulous

Danny points out a new person in the studio, Dylan!, his wife has jury duty and he proves he knows how to be an ass. Sarah fills us in on a home invasion in Renton, a super cold snap and a whole lot of turtles. We chat about Pharrell, Jonas Brothers and Jaden Smith in Music and Entertainment plus Mariners, Seahawks,Falcons and more.

Tourist Traps

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has been named the worst tourist attraction in the world so we discuss the places we think are the worst tourist attractions. We play the second installment of " Take the Money and Run!" Danny informs us on his Big News of the Day! Plus another Filthy Forecast from Sarah you don't want to miss!

Lil' Ol' Lonesome Dixie Town

You can buy the entire town of Toomsboro, Georgia for less than the cost of a house in San Francisco, which got us talking about the towns/places we would buy if we could! Sarah updates us on some girl scouts that have been wronged, a cold snap that makes you glad you don't live in Canada and apparently Paul is going to kill girls according to Danny. Sarah tells us about the worlds newest young rich girl and other fun things in Music and Entertainment, plus all things Mariners and other things with balls in Sports.

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